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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Matt Chapman Reel 2008

Matt Chapman Showreel - A funny movie is a click away

After five years in this biz I can finally say that I have a reel that truly represents all the different aspects of filmmaking I enjoy. Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing...I love it all. Hence why I do it all! Over the last few years this guerilla style/renaissance filmmaker mentality has been one faced with many hardships. "Why don't you join the union?" is one thing I hear all the time or "you can't do it all...you need to choose one aspect of the business and specialize" to which I reply "but that's not me".
It was Robert Rodriguez's book REBEL WITHOUT A CREW that changed my life, and has helped keep me motivated through the hard times. He made El MARIACHI for under $8,000 by himself and with a bunch of freinds in Mexico. After walking away from Sundance the Audience Choice Award Winner in 1989, people began to see filmmaking in a whole new light. A new movement was born. This movement is most commonly referred to as "GUERILLA STYLE". Despite my professional experience with proper budgets and methods; it is my preferred method of choice. In fact I believe "Guerilla Filmmaking" is going to be one of the key factors for the talented producers of the future. Why? Simple. It's much cheaper to execute with these low budget tactics and can rival that of a Hollywood Production with a little luck.

Anyways, feel free to check out my new reel.


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last year I got a call out of the blue from Alex DeGrassi. He told me he met a guy who had referred me at a guitar festival (thank you Mr. Harrigan) and that he wanted to record a video. I had no idea what a cool project I was about to embark on.

I was floored when i saw the instrument come out of the case...it looked like a cross between a guitar and a cello or something. He told me it was a harp guitar made by Fred Carlson. The name of the guitar was "New Dream".

I have produced alot of music videos, but nothing like this before. I felt it best to produce a video that would create a visceral experience and evoke a simple, but yet profound emotional connection between artist and instrument. I wanted to eliminate the bells and whistles, and provide a visual motif similiar to MTV Unplugged...but better:)

We recorded at Cookie Marenco's OTR studios in Belmont, Ca., when we were finished we had a truly magical piece where all artists were at their best. Please enjoy "Reverie For Greensleeves" performed by Alex DeGrassi.

Chapman Digital and Blue Coast Records Presents

Performed on a Fred Carlson's

Performed By

Produced by Alex DeGrassi and Cookie Marenco
Engineered by Cookie Marenco
Digital audio and editing by Cookie Marenco and Patrick O'Connor
Recorded at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA

Produced by Alex DeGrassi and Matt Chapman
Directed By Matt Chapman
Gaffed By Matt Chapman
Cinematography By Matt Chapman
Edited By Matt Chapman
Post-Production assistance by John Cha
Distributed online by Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

"Reverie For Greensleeves" (this piece) can be yours if you purchase the CD HARP GUITAR DREAMS from the Harp Guitar Music Label.
Gregg Miner:Album Producer

This guitar was generously loaned for the shoot by: Bob Gore

This guitar was on display for several months at the Carlsbad Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California

Instrument created by Fred Carlson.

In Depth Blog about the "New Dream" 39 String Harp Sympitar Guitar:

Video Production By Chapman Digital:

Alex DeGrassi's Website:

Cookie Marenco's Record Label:

Recorded at OTR Studios:

Gregg Miner: Excerpts of Harp Guitar Talk, Little Martha

Harp Guitar Talk and Acoustic Instrumental Performance by Gregg Miner at the 3rd Annual International Harp Guitar Gathering. Copyright Rex James Prod & Harpguitars