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Friday, December 5, 2008

Equestrian Rider Almost Breaks Her Back

So this video occured awhile ago. 2002 to be exact. The rider made the mistake of getting two hours of sleep before the big event. This came to be a huge mistake as she was not on her A game. Luckily she escaped injury although her back does get sore from time to time to this day.

Matt Chapman

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been filming animals for a long time now. Their constant aim to please, and genuine happiness has a international appeal across the globe. Some of my most popular videos are the ones I've made with dogs. Enjoy a collection of dog videos below that was shot over a period of two weeks showcasing 26 different pooches.

Matt Chapman
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The PRANK Video Phenomenon

The world wide web has sprung many different types of video genres over the last few years. One the most interesting is the PRANK video. My own personal experience as a producer has found this genre to be a worthwhile endeavor. While many types of conventional storytelling approaches doesn't seem to hit online for reasons beyond my comprehension. PRANK videos seem to always be popular. Perhaps audiences enjoy living vicariously through the pranker who goes after a unsuspecting victim. Perhaps the popularity is paralled with the fact that originality, creativity, and short duration video is the key to success online. Audiences have short attention spans online and they want to be entertained quickly.

With this being said, I set out to make my first PRANK video which has been very popular over the last year. Generating over 100,000 views across all aggregate sites, it has secured it's foundation in my continual use of this genre. Enjoy this prank I played on my wife to her dissaproval. LOL

Matt Chapman
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok....so this is a fake video. I had fun playing around and making a video that is a parody of reality. The Big Hokey doesn't even retail in America and I don't know why i ever decided to enter this idea for that that stupid contest. I should have won since the video has recieved more hits than anyone else in New Zealand who entered the contest. But who knows what wapid.com was thinking.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JUNK MAIL: a unsustainable disaster

Junk mail has reached a point of unsustainability beyond my comprehension. I can't remember the last time I actually did anything other than take my junk mail from the mailbox and drop into right into the recycling bin.

Interesting Facts:

1) 4,000,000 million tons of paper is wasted every year on junk mail

2) 28,000,000 million gallons of water are used to make that paper

3) 100,000,000 million trees are destroyed every year by this unresponsible industry

4) More than 98% of junk mail is uneffective for the intended marketing purpose

LETS PUT A STOP TO THIS. My freind, and colleague has made a video addressing this issue in his own special way.

This is his profile page on Metacafe.

Please enjoy the video, and remember, keep that camera rollin!

NO MORE JUNK MAIL! - Amazing videos are here

Dog Scared of His Own Farts

Yeah, yeah, this is a rediculously immature subject. Never-the-less, I just have to talk about it. My dog Eli, a career changed guide dog, can't stand the sound nor the smell of his own farts. It's so bad that he literally tucks his butt under and runs for the hills when he cuts one. His phobia has gotten so bad that all I have to do is make a fart noise with my armpit and he runs faster than an Ethiopian chicken.

I decided I had to record this and make a video. I didn't consider how difficult a task this would actually be. I set the camera on record at least a dozen times over the period of a month. Yep, stuck the cam on a tripod and pointed it at Eli hoping a magical moment would happen. Eli is a flatulent dog, so I figured I would get it eventually. After tons of wasted hours of footage it finally happened. The event caught on camera is genuine and hilarious, however not the best display I've ever seen; not even close. But I had to take what I could get. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The HOW-TO video phenomenon

Lets talk about a new emerging online genre...HOW-TO. Sites like Instructables.com, WonderHowTo.com, Metacafe.com, and Videojug.com have business models that thrive off of this sort of content. Although there are no standards or written rules on what exactly they are supposed to consist of per say...the basic format consists of a person or creator narrating a video tutorial on how-to do something. The videos are usually straight foward, factual, and very niche based. They can be how-to on magic tricks, how-to prank videos, how-to cooking videos, how-to videos on just about anything you can think of.

The person who has made the most noise in this new arena and is partially responsible for the explosion of the genre is Metacafe's KIPKAY. With 3,500 subscribers and more than 2 million profile views he has made quite a name for himself. To this date, he has earned over $118,000 making him the most succesful producer on Metacafe. Below is his most succesful video entitled LASER FLASHLIGHT HACK

Laser Flashlight Hack! - Watch more funny videos here

Wonder how to do something? There is a good chance that a video is floating around on cyberspace with the answer your looking for. Start at one of the three sites I mentioned at the beginning of the article and see what you can find. You might just find something very helpful, and what is really cool is it's all free to the consumer.

Below is my first how-to video. It's located all over the internet and has had a good reception thus far. It's called HOW TO BUILD A POTATO LAUNCHER. It's a quick, easy tutorial based on the typical potato launcher archetype designs that I have seen over the years. It's fun and has a hilarious ending at the end.
Check it out...and remember, keep that camera rollin!

Gadgets:How To Build A Potato Launcher

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Matt Chapman Reel 2008

Matt Chapman Showreel - A funny movie is a click away

After five years in this biz I can finally say that I have a reel that truly represents all the different aspects of filmmaking I enjoy. Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing...I love it all. Hence why I do it all! Over the last few years this guerilla style/renaissance filmmaker mentality has been one faced with many hardships. "Why don't you join the union?" is one thing I hear all the time or "you can't do it all...you need to choose one aspect of the business and specialize" to which I reply "but that's not me".
It was Robert Rodriguez's book REBEL WITHOUT A CREW that changed my life, and has helped keep me motivated through the hard times. He made El MARIACHI for under $8,000 by himself and with a bunch of freinds in Mexico. After walking away from Sundance the Audience Choice Award Winner in 1989, people began to see filmmaking in a whole new light. A new movement was born. This movement is most commonly referred to as "GUERILLA STYLE". Despite my professional experience with proper budgets and methods; it is my preferred method of choice. In fact I believe "Guerilla Filmmaking" is going to be one of the key factors for the talented producers of the future. Why? Simple. It's much cheaper to execute with these low budget tactics and can rival that of a Hollywood Production with a little luck.

Anyways, feel free to check out my new reel.


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last year I got a call out of the blue from Alex DeGrassi. He told me he met a guy who had referred me at a guitar festival (thank you Mr. Harrigan) and that he wanted to record a video. I had no idea what a cool project I was about to embark on.

I was floored when i saw the instrument come out of the case...it looked like a cross between a guitar and a cello or something. He told me it was a harp guitar made by Fred Carlson. The name of the guitar was "New Dream".

I have produced alot of music videos, but nothing like this before. I felt it best to produce a video that would create a visceral experience and evoke a simple, but yet profound emotional connection between artist and instrument. I wanted to eliminate the bells and whistles, and provide a visual motif similiar to MTV Unplugged...but better:)

We recorded at Cookie Marenco's OTR studios in Belmont, Ca., when we were finished we had a truly magical piece where all artists were at their best. Please enjoy "Reverie For Greensleeves" performed by Alex DeGrassi.

Chapman Digital and Blue Coast Records Presents

Performed on a Fred Carlson's

Performed By

Produced by Alex DeGrassi and Cookie Marenco
Engineered by Cookie Marenco
Digital audio and editing by Cookie Marenco and Patrick O'Connor
Recorded at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA

Produced by Alex DeGrassi and Matt Chapman
Directed By Matt Chapman
Gaffed By Matt Chapman
Cinematography By Matt Chapman
Edited By Matt Chapman
Post-Production assistance by John Cha
Distributed online by Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

"Reverie For Greensleeves" (this piece) can be yours if you purchase the CD HARP GUITAR DREAMS from the Harp Guitar Music Label.
Gregg Miner:Album Producer

This guitar was generously loaned for the shoot by: Bob Gore

This guitar was on display for several months at the Carlsbad Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California

Instrument created by Fred Carlson.

In Depth Blog about the "New Dream" 39 String Harp Sympitar Guitar:

Video Production By Chapman Digital:

Alex DeGrassi's Website:

Cookie Marenco's Record Label:

Recorded at OTR Studios:

Gregg Miner: Excerpts of Harp Guitar Talk, Little Martha

Harp Guitar Talk and Acoustic Instrumental Performance by Gregg Miner at the 3rd Annual International Harp Guitar Gathering. Copyright Rex James Prod & Harpguitars

Saturday, August 23, 2008

AL GORE FUNNY FILM...No Budget Comedy

My brother Luke and I reached our creative crescendo with our political gag piece HOW AL GOT HIS GROOVE BACK in 2003. When most brothers were blistering up their fingers on video games, or downing buckets of popcorn at the local theatre, we would pass the time together by making movies for $0. A typical scenario would be "Hey man what do you want to do today? I don't know, you want to keep making our movie? Yeah, ok...that's always fun", and off we went.

We found by acting, shooting, directing, and editing our own stuff, the learning curve was much more steep, but the rewards were super cool. Nine years ago when we got serious about this approach to the moviemaking craft, it was not as common place like it is today. I attribute alot of the skills I have acquired to the long hours of campy political gag piece filmmaking back in the day. No it was not USC Film School, but I tell you what, our abnormal approach to learning the craft has not stipend my success. In fact, it has actually helped. I don't follow convention and have always been a non-conformist anyways. When people ask me "what film school did you go to?" I tell them "I went to the school of hard knocks, have you heard of it?"

HOW AL GOT HIS GROOVE BACK is just one of many pieces we made starring the commander in chief gang. RONALD REAGAN, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE BUSH SR., JIMMY CARTER, RICHARD NIXON, GEORGE BUSH JR., and AL GORE. In this piece I play BILL CLINTON and Luke plays AL GORE. We decided to poke fun at the fact that AL GORE had put on an incredible amount of weight since he lost the 2000 presidential election. Our result was a sort of ROCKY BALBOA MONTAGE meets the presidents spoof.

Watch as Al Gore rebounds from the 2000 presidential election with Bill Clinton leading the charge. From dudd to studd Al evolves into a new man. These films are a group collaboration of MATT CHAPMAN and LUKE CHAPMAN. Copyright (C) 2003




Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Award Winning Short - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY

When i set out to make my first professional film, I wanted to tell a story about a subject that I new well. I wanted to make a movie that was high in concept, and provided a tale that unfolded before the audiences eyes. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY was just that.

I knew a film about cigarette smoking was something that I could borrow from my own life experiences, and put out a neutral message that said quitting smoking is difficult. This day and age a person would have to be brain dead to not know the dangers of smoking, and yet they do it anyways. This is the idea that is at the core of my film...chasing that forbidden fruit despite the consequences is something that millions of people do.

It boils down to my favorite quote of all time..."Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I have ever done. Heck I ought to know, I've done it at least a thousand times" MARK TWAIN

Chapman Digital Motion Pictures presents a powerfully enlightening drama. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is the tale of Joe, a recovering ex-smoker faced with the addiction he wants to overcome.

Honerable Mention; Twin Rivers Media
Editors Choice Award; Crackle.com

Official Selection:
Crackle.com Short Category Sep 07
SF Frozen Film Fest July 07
Cinequest Online Fest Nov 06
Poppy Jasper Film Fest Nov 06
Cal Independent Film Fest Oct 06
Action on Film Fest July 06
Twin Rivers Media Fest April 06

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Horse Racing, better known as the sport of kings, is deeply rooted in human history. The glamour of the Breeders Cup, the mistique of Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral, and the excitement of the Triple Crown has always overshadowed the dark side of this dangerous sport. After the recent tragedy of Eight Belles collapsing at the Kentucky Derby this year, a new awareness has began to hit the mainstream in peoples minds. The inherent dangers to horse and jockey are all to common, and a reality which never wanders very far from the mind and soul of the horse racing industry.

I grew up watching my father have alot of success as a horse jockey. At the same time I also grew up watching him fight injury after injury. What many people don't know is how tough these iron men and women are. As a filmmaker, and as a son of a
retired jocky, my film deconstructs to a pesonal level the need to convey a important message. One that pays homage to my fathers vocational efforts, and one that raises awareness to the darkness behind the scenes. Please check out my documentary entitled NERVES OF STEEL (HORSE RACING ACCIDENT FILM) to get a small glimpse of what goes on in the mind of the jockey day in and day out. The mentality required is one of toughness, tenacity, and quite frankly stated... unintentional recklessness.

Matt Chapman
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

Friday, July 18, 2008


One of the most bizarre events in horse racing history occured February 3rd, 1989 at Golden Gate Fields. Apprentice jockey Nate Hubbard clipped heels with my father Tom Chapman's horse CURRENT LADY. Mr. Hubbard's horse SWEET WATER OAK stumbled causing him to lose control of the reigns. As he started to fall he miraculousy reached around the horses neck and grabbed on for dear life. After that you have to see it to believe it. The only time in horse racing history when a jockey crossed the finish line in the winnings while not actually in the saddle. A truly amazing event, and one that my father knows better than anyone because he had the best view on the track. He crossed the finish line in first place. Check it out...it's worth the one minute of your time.