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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 33 - Puppy Pool Party

This week I really don't have a topic or theme. So I thought I would just write. Ricki is chewing on a nylabone as usual as i ping away here. She seems to absolutely love those things. She also loves her ice cubes with dog treats frozen inside of them. We made a whole bunch of the them for the pool party and i totally didn't film any of it. Next time i guess.

Amie just smelled a dog fart. She just preached it out in disgust; as she always does while she surfs the web beside me. It never becomes ok with her even though it is as normal as a furball from one of our cats. Now she is embarrassed and mad that i am writing this. haha!

Big thanks to everyone out there for supporting our series. Until next week, I bid farewell.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 32 - Duck Pond

Sometimes we need to pinch ourselves. Ricki is such a great dog. She is chilling between Amie and I right now sleeping on the floor after a long day away from home. I am still in awe of how quickly Ricki is adjusting to everything we throw at her. After her reaction to the pigeons in week 29, I was sure she was going to be losing focus and making for another entertaining episode of mistakes. She sure showed me wrong. She didn't lunge on the leash, and miraculously turned into a bird distraction pro. it was as if she had been to the Palo Alto Baylands a million times. What in the heck brought on the dramatic improvement? It really is beyond me actually. We threw the kitchen sink at her with this episode. There must of been a thousand birds around the pond. The aviary mosh pit we exposed her to was nothing more than a yawn for her. I guess we can move on cautiously and focus on other issues now? What?

Enjoy our latest episode!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 31 - Teeth Brushing

As we continue with the show, the constant challenge is figuring out what to talk about each week. We ask ourselves all kinds of questions. Should we cover training, or an outing? Should we try to cover a outing that incorporates training at the same time? Should we answer some questions from our fans? Should we go back and review progress Ricki has made on certain aspects of her life? Should we talk about the things Ricki is not doing so well with? And of course, should we simply update everyone on what we feel was the most important event of the week. These questions are always in consideration.

I enjoy the challenge of making this series, and also the freedom I have as the sole producer, and intellectual property rights owner. It is very liberating for our creative control, and I think will be a important factor in the long term for growing our series. Amie and I now are facing the challenge of where do we take this series next. It is growing on a slow, but steady pace. We think it has something to offer not only to people who raise service dogs, but also anyone who likes watching content about dogs.

So enough already with my ranting. This week was a review of progress, and we addressed a question about teeth brushing. Enjoy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 30 - Ball Distractions

This episode was completely spontaneous. We went in with no plan. It was a fun challenge to figure out creative ways to distract Ricki and work her through her ball issues. At times, she was a star and did great. Other times, she just couldn't help herself and went after the golf ball. I think we will give her every opportunity to work past this issue. That is if she want's to please us. Her personality seems to be of that nature, so I have my hopes up. We have seen the difference between dogs who strive to learn and please, and dogs who do not. Aaa..humm..cough, cough.... Eli.

Here is our latest episode. Week 30.