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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 47 - Puppy Handling

Amie and I enjoy the challenge of making new episodes with content that is refreshing and new. Although this week lacked the sizzle of a spectacular outing, it has performed good compared to most of our first week numbers. We will certainly keep this lesson in mind for the future. There is plenty of stuff we can do in the house that focuses on our training with Ricki at home.

I am also excited that we were able to unveil a little clue of the entire other world Amie is involved with as a vet tech. That's right, not only is she a puppy raiser, she is also a licensed vet technician at a ER for pets south of San Francisco.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 46 - Museum

Amie and I have really gotten into a groove with the series. It has become second nature to bang out a episode every week. I don't worry about pulling it off anymore. When we first started I used to wonder if we really would be able to do this for a year and a half. That is no longer a concern. Now it is more of a question of what are we not going to be able to get around to showing before Ricki goes back? What should we save for a second season? Haha

Ricki is showing constant improvements every week. However, she constantly needs to be reminded of the rules in place and is not the fastest learner. We think that it will all sink in with time. She has the most important personality trait. She wants to please us and that is awesome.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 45 - Fundraiser

We own a ton of thanks to Guide Dogs For the Blind this week. They generously sponsored us to attend the fundraiser so we could make this episode. This really means a lot to us and we consider it a sort of right of passage for our series. Otherwise we could not afford to attend. We really enjoy raising awareness about this organization and hope to expand our series continually beyond the scope of puppy raising. After all, what we do is only part of the equation. I think this episode brings us all closer together and executes continual awesomeness for the future.

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