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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MUNCHIES-Silent Film Spoof

This film marks the reunion of two chaps. My brother and I spawned a passion of making videos together a long time ago. At a time where streaming video to a mass audience seemed like a pipe dream, we found ourselves using the hobby as a way to spend time together. As time passed by, we went our own directions and chased our own dreams. Now after five years we have a rebirth of our creative collaboration. This film marks a new chapter in our creative endeavors by releasing a film created in almost it's entirety by the two of us.

We wanted to make a film as low budget as possible, but high concept at the same time. We juxtaposed an old film genre with a contemporary comedic perspective with high production value. I present to you a story that looks like film, but was shot on video. A silent film that pays homage to the old style of storytelling with a few contemporary anecdotes. A film that emphasisis non-verbal acting from the outside in. And most importantly, a film that had a total budget of $115 believe it or not.

Please enjoy "MUNCHIES" starring THE CHAPPY BROTHERS

Luke and Matt Chapman

Produced By:
Matt Chapman

Story By:
Luke Chapman

Directed By:
Luke & Matt Chapman

Cinematography By:
Matt Chapman

Lighting Design By:
Matt Chapman

Edited By:
Matt Chapman; Luke Chapman

Title Cards By:
Tom Chapman

Equipement & Services Provided By:
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

Distributed By:
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

This is a ChappyShowcase Attraction

(c) 2009 All Right Reserved

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oil Speed Paintings by Tom Chapman

My dad is a oil painter and I'm a filmmaker. We thought it would be fun to combine our talents and bang out a series of videos showing the work being performed. Only thing; I know how boring it can be watching paint dry (figure of speech). So I decided to put my own spin on things by showing the paintings come to fruition in blistering speed. This gives an altered perspective that is pretty cool.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guerilla Samoan Music Videos

I have worked with rediculously low budgets more times than I can count. Given the economic downturn, this has proven to be an effective way for my business to stay afloat. Rather than put a whole crew together, many times I have to do everything myself to guarantee I will actually make a profit. This production mentality has been a crucial requirement for my freind Tuakatea Tukuaoga and I. He also has a very limited amount of money which requires him to write, perform, and produce all of his music out of his home studio by himself. In a way we are a match made in heaven banging out complete music videos for less than $500 each time. Between him and I, we can cover all bases and make cool, simple Samoan music videos that his culture loves and endeers.

This is my favorite video with Tau. We shot the family scenes in my living room and all of the outdoor scenes near San Gregario off of Highway 1.

This video shoot was fun because Tau decided to write a rap song which is very different. It combines rap and christian song into a interesting hybrid mesh. I thought it would be cool to shoot in areas where there was alot of grafitti. We shot the video in different parts of San Francisco.

This was the first video Tau and I ever did together. I brought my 4500 watt generator with us to shoot the cool sequences by the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn. I also experimented with underexposure alot in this video. This one is one of my favorites.

This is Tau's only song that is completely in English thus far. We shot the entire thing in his home studio.