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Thursday, June 12, 2014

***Secret to Great Acting - DIY***

This sample video from our series can help any aspiring actor to learn philosophy, improvisation, marial arts acting, realistic dialogue delivery, and dancing. Check it out!
Email luciousshowcase@gmail.com for more information. Call (650) 555-1548 to order the complete video set today.

Directed By and Starring: Lucious
Shot and Produced by: Chappy
Cut by: Lucious and Chappy

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ChappyShowcase Fan Page:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Camera Dolly Curvature Experiment - GurillaTV

For my web series GurillaTV i thought it would be fun to experiment with a dolly shot. I created a half circle using 5 pieces of circle track.
Then i situated all the cast of characters from GurillaTV in approximately a 120 degree field of view. In other words the entire shooting space didn't account for all 180 degrees in front of me as I directed the shoot. We placed our mascot Roy in the center field of view and kept the camera focused on the center apex of the movement from one end of the dolly move to the end. The natural curvature of the dolly required a constant correction of the main point of focus on Roy by the cameraman. The end result was a unique look resulting in the background constantly changing while the point of focus remained the same. All the actors and their myriad representations of culture, art, race, and humanity creates a interesting tapestry to coincide with a interesting visual dynamic. We ended up doing the shot about 10 times. Each time the timing of background, actors performing, and apex timing in the center changed slightly providing fun options for the series. Two of the takes of GurillaTV the web series can be found below.

Created and Hosted By
Matt Chapman - Chappy
Camera Recording - Darren Schmidt
Intro and Outro Music By -
Pete Stringfellow
Chris Hayes

Dolly Take #1

Dolly Take #2

Any interest in the series opportunities should contact me at matt@chapmanpictures.com.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Series Pilot GurillaTV

I have posted the first two pilot episodes of GurillaTV. The series pilot showcases motifs, guerilla filmmaking, parody, and a collaboration effort of many artists working together. Any prospective interest in the series can contact me at matt@chapmanpictures.com This is the premiere episode from the pilot series GurillaTV. This episode features video segments from Daneboe, GreeenPro, and ChappyShowcase. This crazy episode features Tubemogul technology for video publishers. This is the second episode from the pilot series GurillaTV. This episode features video segments from Dick Jones, Nextraker, and Lucchina. This crazy episode features Young Conan learning sword fighting for stunt film action scenes.