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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have come to the conclusion that online audiences like bonehead videos. Sure, videos with high production value, and compelling storylines are great. But that doesn't mean an audience online will want to watch it. My award winning short IN CASE OF EMERGENCY had a very succesful run at festivals across the United States, and yet when I premiered it online...it might as well been a documentary on kitten bowel movements. Simply stated, people online have short attention spans and want instant gratification. I think this is a reflection of some audiences might be watching on their smart phones, while others might be sitting at starbucks sucking down a carmel frappachino while perousing on their laptop. Perhaps the rule of thumb is this; if an audience wanted a higher quality experience, why would they be watching content via the internet anyways? With media players still averaging 640x480 resolution on a tiny box on your computer screen, and the average bitrate around 800 kbps, the viewing experience is mediocre at best. So the old mantra if you can't beat em, join em is my answer. In conclusion, I hope the internet will progress and start looking for more compelling content, but in the meantime I present my latest bonehead video entited ONE MINUTE BRAKE JOB.