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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The PRANK Video Phenomenon

The world wide web has sprung many different types of video genres over the last few years. One the most interesting is the PRANK video. My own personal experience as a producer has found this genre to be a worthwhile endeavor. While many types of conventional storytelling approaches doesn't seem to hit online for reasons beyond my comprehension. PRANK videos seem to always be popular. Perhaps audiences enjoy living vicariously through the pranker who goes after a unsuspecting victim. Perhaps the popularity is paralled with the fact that originality, creativity, and short duration video is the key to success online. Audiences have short attention spans online and they want to be entertained quickly.

With this being said, I set out to make my first PRANK video which has been very popular over the last year. Generating over 100,000 views across all aggregate sites, it has secured it's foundation in my continual use of this genre. Enjoy this prank I played on my wife to her dissaproval. LOL

Matt Chapman
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures

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