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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Hard Life as a Online Filmmaker

Life as a filmmaker is tough. I'm not talking about conventional filmmaking, but as a video creator that makes content specifically for the internet. I mean, the amount of hits you need to make even a minimum wage type of scale requires a video creator to get tons of hits. For example...across 20 different user-generated websites i acquired 150,000 hits last month. Of those, only one of the sites will generate some tangible revenue that could pay a bill or two; that being YouTube. Metacafe is no longer paying out the producer reward program, Redgage gets so little hits that my accrued money is less than $7 dollars, Revver also gets so little hits that I have accrued $14 in one year. Videojug is no longer paying out and break.com only pays if you make the front page which is no easy task. The other sites don't even have a pay share model. Sites like yahoo, myspace, vimeo, etc.

I made $150 and some change in April and I got to ask myself, why do I keep doing this? I guess because i love it. Luckily i don't have all my eggs in this online basket or I would be out on Tennyson boulevard holding a cardboard box with a sign that says "will shoot for food".

I still can't help but think things will get better. As the internet continues to evolve better technologies, bandwidth gets cheaper to push, advertisers jump on the band wagon, and the ubiquity of my videos spreads across the globe I hope to find some real revenue.

Ok..so this posting was more like a bitch fest, but I feel better now. Thanks for reading, and remember, keep that camera rollin!

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