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Monday, October 5, 2009

Raising Guide Dogs For the Blind

Amie and I have been raising Guide Dogs For the Blind for seven years now. We are on our 9th dog. Three have graduated to become guides (Macklin, Rennie, and Prudy), five have not (Clarice, Eli, Piedmont, Dakota, and Lewis), and one is currently in the process of growing up with us (Marianna).

Eli is our third dog, and we were more than happy to keep him when we found out that fateful day that he was not cut out to be a Guide Dog. We think he was too smart, and if he could talk would say that he would have a lot more fun as a pet. Not too mention he has become a pretty good movie dog. His childlike personality also seems to continue to get him into trouble even to this day despite being five years old. John Grogan has so eloquently displayed that all dogs have their pros and cons including our own "Marley".

People ask "how can you give them up? It must be very difficult." I will admit that giving our first dog Macklin back rendered tears out of these dry eyes. That is a small miracle, but it all seems worth it when you see how much your dog can help someone in need. I had the opportunity to film for Guide Dogs For the Blind a few weeks ago. We were able to get Macklin and his partner Jeannie to meet up with us at the campus so I could film them. What a surreal shoot that was. I was so proud of our oldest fur ball as I sat behind the lens of the camera and watched Macklin guide Jeannie around the streets of San Rafeal. It almost seemed like he was showing off; as I could read a big happy smile on his face that was saying "look dad, I'm a guide dog now, and very good at it too!" It was at this moment that any doubts for our charity were kicked to the curb. I will always think back to that moment when I have feelings of doubt for this cause.

Amie and I threw a new video together this week where I let her have some fun in front of the camera. We went out with our Guide Dog group and filmed away.

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