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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Horse Racing, better known as the sport of kings, is deeply rooted in human history. The glamour of the Breeders Cup, the mistique of Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral, and the excitement of the Triple Crown has always overshadowed the dark side of this dangerous sport. After the recent tragedy of Eight Belles collapsing at the Kentucky Derby this year, a new awareness has began to hit the mainstream in peoples minds. The inherent dangers to horse and jockey are all to common, and a reality which never wanders very far from the mind and soul of the horse racing industry.

I grew up watching my father have alot of success as a horse jockey. At the same time I also grew up watching him fight injury after injury. What many people don't know is how tough these iron men and women are. As a filmmaker, and as a son of a
retired jocky, my film deconstructs to a pesonal level the need to convey a important message. One that pays homage to my fathers vocational efforts, and one that raises awareness to the darkness behind the scenes. Please check out my documentary entitled NERVES OF STEEL (HORSE RACING ACCIDENT FILM) to get a small glimpse of what goes on in the mind of the jockey day in and day out. The mentality required is one of toughness, tenacity, and quite frankly stated... unintentional recklessness.

Matt Chapman
Chapman Digital Motion Pictures


Pamela said...

Well done but so difficult to watch. I believe that horseracing should be banned altogether and I have felt this way for a very long time. Dangerous and inhumane.

Chapman Digital said...

Hmmmm. Interesting opinion. Despite all the cruelty and inhumane acts to horses, there is an equal amount of love, care, and pampering. I'm sure there are alot of people that would agree with your statement. I'm more caught up in the middle because the horse racing industry also advocates alot of positive things too. For example: they are very instrumental in the fight against horse slaughter and have a huge following of supporters.