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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Scared of His Own Farts

Yeah, yeah, this is a rediculously immature subject. Never-the-less, I just have to talk about it. My dog Eli, a career changed guide dog, can't stand the sound nor the smell of his own farts. It's so bad that he literally tucks his butt under and runs for the hills when he cuts one. His phobia has gotten so bad that all I have to do is make a fart noise with my armpit and he runs faster than an Ethiopian chicken.

I decided I had to record this and make a video. I didn't consider how difficult a task this would actually be. I set the camera on record at least a dozen times over the period of a month. Yep, stuck the cam on a tripod and pointed it at Eli hoping a magical moment would happen. Eli is a flatulent dog, so I figured I would get it eventually. After tons of wasted hours of footage it finally happened. The event caught on camera is genuine and hilarious, however not the best display I've ever seen; not even close. But I had to take what I could get. Enjoy!

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