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Monday, October 20, 2008

The HOW-TO video phenomenon

Lets talk about a new emerging online genre...HOW-TO. Sites like Instructables.com, WonderHowTo.com, Metacafe.com, and Videojug.com have business models that thrive off of this sort of content. Although there are no standards or written rules on what exactly they are supposed to consist of per say...the basic format consists of a person or creator narrating a video tutorial on how-to do something. The videos are usually straight foward, factual, and very niche based. They can be how-to on magic tricks, how-to prank videos, how-to cooking videos, how-to videos on just about anything you can think of.

The person who has made the most noise in this new arena and is partially responsible for the explosion of the genre is Metacafe's KIPKAY. With 3,500 subscribers and more than 2 million profile views he has made quite a name for himself. To this date, he has earned over $118,000 making him the most succesful producer on Metacafe. Below is his most succesful video entitled LASER FLASHLIGHT HACK

Laser Flashlight Hack! - Watch more funny videos here

Wonder how to do something? There is a good chance that a video is floating around on cyberspace with the answer your looking for. Start at one of the three sites I mentioned at the beginning of the article and see what you can find. You might just find something very helpful, and what is really cool is it's all free to the consumer.

Below is my first how-to video. It's located all over the internet and has had a good reception thus far. It's called HOW TO BUILD A POTATO LAUNCHER. It's a quick, easy tutorial based on the typical potato launcher archetype designs that I have seen over the years. It's fun and has a hilarious ending at the end.
Check it out...and remember, keep that camera rollin!

Gadgets:How To Build A Potato Launcher

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