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Saturday, August 23, 2008

AL GORE FUNNY FILM...No Budget Comedy

My brother Luke and I reached our creative crescendo with our political gag piece HOW AL GOT HIS GROOVE BACK in 2003. When most brothers were blistering up their fingers on video games, or downing buckets of popcorn at the local theatre, we would pass the time together by making movies for $0. A typical scenario would be "Hey man what do you want to do today? I don't know, you want to keep making our movie? Yeah, ok...that's always fun", and off we went.

We found by acting, shooting, directing, and editing our own stuff, the learning curve was much more steep, but the rewards were super cool. Nine years ago when we got serious about this approach to the moviemaking craft, it was not as common place like it is today. I attribute alot of the skills I have acquired to the long hours of campy political gag piece filmmaking back in the day. No it was not USC Film School, but I tell you what, our abnormal approach to learning the craft has not stipend my success. In fact, it has actually helped. I don't follow convention and have always been a non-conformist anyways. When people ask me "what film school did you go to?" I tell them "I went to the school of hard knocks, have you heard of it?"

HOW AL GOT HIS GROOVE BACK is just one of many pieces we made starring the commander in chief gang. RONALD REAGAN, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE BUSH SR., JIMMY CARTER, RICHARD NIXON, GEORGE BUSH JR., and AL GORE. In this piece I play BILL CLINTON and Luke plays AL GORE. We decided to poke fun at the fact that AL GORE had put on an incredible amount of weight since he lost the 2000 presidential election. Our result was a sort of ROCKY BALBOA MONTAGE meets the presidents spoof.

Watch as Al Gore rebounds from the 2000 presidential election with Bill Clinton leading the charge. From dudd to studd Al evolves into a new man. These films are a group collaboration of MATT CHAPMAN and LUKE CHAPMAN. Copyright (C) 2003




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