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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


  • Chapman Digital has over 100 wedding videos under it's belt since conception. If you looking for a affordable solution, quality service, and an exceptional video than Chapman Digital is your answer. Check our weddingbook page link below as well as our price list. We have been providing quality wedding videos in the San Francico Bay Area for the last five years!

    Give us a call or contact us at:

    Weddingbook page contains referrals, references, and general info:

    Wedding Video Services
    Introductory Price List
    Our packages include shooting ALL DAY with our state-of-the-art professional quality digital camera. There is no hourly limit on the day of the wedding.
    We will take off 25% of purchase price for any weddings shot on Monday through Friday.

    Video Packages
    Roughcut Package
    All day shoot of the wedding.
    Available with one or two cameras.
    One unedited VHS copy of all footage.
    One unedited DVD copy of all footage.
    One Camera Roughcut - $800
    Two Camera Roughcut - $1,300

    Premiere Package
    All day shoot of the wedding.
    Custom edited wedding video.
    Available with one or two cameras.
    One VHS copy.
    One DVD copy.
    DVD includes custom menus and chaptered footage of your special day.
    One Camera Premiere - $1,000
    Two Camera Premiere - $1,500

    Additional Bonus Packages
    Champagne Bonus Services
    Love Story Documentary
    This premium service is a magnificent way to showcase and preserve the story of your love that can be shared for years to come. We spend an additional day interviewing and shooting footage that will be woven into a lovely romantic documentary. There's no better way to show how your relationship started, how it has evolved to where it is today, and where it is going.
    Love Story Documentary - $500

    Additional Day Service
    In the days leading up to (or following) the wedding, additional footage can be captured forever on video. The Bridal Shower, Bachelorette and Bachelor parties can all be documented for you; your imagination is the limit.
    Additional Day One Camera - $500
    Additional Day Two Camera -$800

    Leather Album Cover
    A beautiful way to showcase your wedding video DVD. Custom imprinting available.
    DVD album - $30

    Wedding Day Bonus Services
    Chat Camera Services
    A private Chat Camera Booth is set up out of the way at the reception. Family and friends can make personal video clips to the bride and groom and these can be integrated into the wedding video.
    Chat Camera Services - $200

    Highlight Video
    The highlight video is a collection of the day's events set to the Bride and Groom's music of choice.
    Highlight Video - $200

    Video Pictures Slideshows Compilation
    We will put together a slideshow of your photos to put in your video or a presentation that can be displayed at your reception with the addition of an LCD projector rental. The slideshow will last approximately 3 seconds per picture and can be integrated with music and video. Compilations include 25% off LCD Projector Service.
    Slideshow Compilation - $1 per picture
    Static Montage $1 per picture
    Animated Keyframe Montage $3 per picture

    LCD Projector Service
    The display of a slideshow at your reception is a fantastic way to share video or slides with your guests.
    LCD Projector Service - $300

    Additional Video Copies
    VHS - $15
    DVD - $25

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